Luna tonda

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Designed by Carlo Guglielmi

The magic of light in the evenings in Capri. Ceiling or Wall lamp with a stunning light wallwash effect. The materials used are compounds of resins and marble powders. Their composition allows the creation, on the surface of the screen, of designs and undulations evoking the lunar surface.

Product Code CG-012WM-WH
Typology Ceiling and wall lamp with indirect light
Color White
Size 300 x 300 mm, 12”x12”
630 x 630mm, 25”x25”
Materiali Screen in polyester resin
with marble powder
Use Indoor
Light source Strip led
Watt 20W / 40W
Volt 230V / 24V
Lumen 1766 / 3552
Cri 80
Kelvin 2700
Emergency No
Cable No
Dimmer No
Energetic class A++
Packaging sizes 38,6 x 38,4 x 12 cm
68 x 67 x 12,5 cm
Number of packages 1
Total packing weight 2,40kg / 10,50kg
Ip 20
Class I