Never as nowadays, Milan is in the spotlight of the world. Always been recognized as the capital of a powerful industrial and commercial network, it is now considered throughout the world as a very active hub of culture, of art,
of creativity, of innovation, in other words of knowledge.

Knowledge for Milan means to know how to study, how to know, how to search, how to experiment, how to do, how to change, how to risk. Well, the culture of our city is to never stop, to never accept the obvious, on the contrary to look in every area for new solutions to live in beauty, to the pursuit of wealth as a way to live and to let the others live in generosity.

This is why, having these values as reference, it is easy to understand how Milan has become home to a large number of architectural, design, fashion studios/offices, experimental centers, new start-up. It is easy for us to have thought, when defining our company’s name, to include the name of our city as the holder of all the values that are described here above and in which we strongly believe. Just as easy the name Firmamento, because we want our company to be a summation of firmaments.
Firmamento of ideas,
Firmamento of yearnings,
Firmamento of values,
Firmamento of architects,
Firmamento of projects,
Firmamento of beauty.

Too confident ? Maybe yes. Foolish ambitious, certainly not. With the support of prestigious architectural firms who work with us and with a remarkable group of small and medium-sized companies in our area that operate in different market sectors/branches, We will win.