Now more than ever, Milan is in the international spotlight. Always the capital of a powerful industrial and commercial network, it is today recognized worldwide as a vital hub of culture, art, creativity, and innovation — in other words, of knowledge.

In Milan, knowledge means knowing how to learn, study, search, experiment, take action, change, and risk. The culture of our city means we never stop and never accept the obvious. On the contrary, we look everywhere for new solutions for living in beauty and for pursuing wealth as a way to live and let live with generosity of spirit.

With these values, it’s easy to see why Milan has welcomed so many start-ups and experiments in architecture, design, and fashion.

This is why we wanted the name of our company to include the name Milan, to reflect our city and its values, which we believe in so strongly. We also wanted our name to include Firmamento, meaning the firmament above us, the sky sparkling with ideas. Dreams. Values. Architects. Projects. Beauty.

Too ambitious? Maybe. But not foolish.

With the support of the prestigious architectural firms who work with us, as well as a remarkable group of small and medium-sized companies in our region who work in various market sectors, we will succeed.