Plissé 30

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Designed by Daniela Puppa

Photographs of bygone eras, in which the divas of Cinecittà and Hollywood wore beautiful pleated and flowing skirts, inspired
the design of the Plissé lamp, which takes its name precisely from these garments.
“Plissé” is also a term that appears in the old Milanese common expression: “la fa gnanca on plissee”, which literally means “it doesn’t make a single crease” (i.e. it makes perfect sense).
Designed by architect Daniela Puppa, also a successful professional in the world of fashion, this wall or ceiling lamp is available in surprising and refined pop colours.

Product Code DP-067WLANRE DP-067WLANGS
Typology Ceiling lamp with indirect light
Color Anodized red, Anodized sage
green, Anodized champagne
Size 300 x 100 mm, 11,8” x 3,9”
Material Varnished anodized aluminium
Use Indoor
Light source Led
Watt 40W
Volt 24V
Lumen 3552
Cri 80
Kelvin 2700
Emergency No
Cable No
Dimmer No
Energetic class A++
Ip 20
Class I