Designed by Franco Raggi

Triggered by a vision, ex–Tr is the development of one of architect Franco Raggi’s designs from the 1990s. The LED strips are used in such a way that the dazzling and at times disturbing dotted effect of the light they produce is neutralised, not by the use of screens or filters, but, to the contrary, by the almost unlimited multiplication of the dotted effect that is typical of LED lights.
This result is achieved by using a transparent extruded cannulated glass that multiplies the light as if it contained as many as four LED strips. The light thus appears as a cheerful, playful, multifaceted presence and at the same time as an extremely essential and functional source of light.
ex–Tr now also becomes a system with the declination of its original model (pendant lamp) into wall-mounted and floor-standing versions. For those who desire an even softer light, the range offers versions in the same type of glass but with a sandblasted finish.