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Designed by Franco Raggi
From the same family

The image of the kinetic energy that is transmitted invisibly across the five shiny balls when the impact of the first ball moves the last of row while the others are still has always fascinated everyone.
Newton is a lamp that stops this moment in the space and makes the light coming down inside the chrome and transparent glass balls.

Product Code FR-007PM-RE-
Typology Diffused light pendant lamp
Color Red
Size 1135 x 1050 mm
Materiali Steel structure. Metallized
borosilicate glass spheres
Use Indoor
Light source 5 Led boards
Watt 5 x 10 W
Volt 24V
Lumen 2400
Cri 80
Kelvin 2700
Emergency No
Cable No
Dimmer No
Energetic class A++
Packaging sizes 62 x 60 x 27 cm
80 x 24 x 12 cm
Number of packages 2
Total packing weight 3,70kg / 4,40kg
Ip 20
Class I