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Designed by Pierluigi Cerri
From the same family

Floor lamp with methacrylate diffuser to give a warm and spread light through two sources of light, one with indirect light and one with diffused light.
Simple, elegant, functional, instantly recognizable as the name and the silhouette of the famous brand of pencils from which it takes its name.


Product Code PLC013FM-WH-
Typology Floor lamp with diffused and indirect light
Color White
Size 300 x 1840 mm
Materiali Steel base. Opaline methacrylate diffuser
Use Indoor
Light source Strip led, led board
Watt Strip led 21W, led board 15W
Volt 24V
Lumen 1664 diffused, 1960 indirect
Cri 80
Kelvin 2700
Emergency No
Cable Black fabric 200 cm
Dimmer Touch
Energetic class A++
Packaging sizes 186 x 22 x 13,5 cm
37,5 x 40,5 x 17,5 cm
Number of packages 2
Total packing weight 11,10kg / 6,00kg
Ip 20
Class II