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Servoluce floor

Servoluce table

Artifice for the “indirect transport of light”. Two disks interact across a vertical axis. The direct light coming from the lower disk bounces on the surface of the upper disc flooding the room where the appliance is placed


Product Code P+A009PM-WH-
Typology Pendant lamp with direct and indirect light
Color White
Size 1000×2300 mm, 39,37”x90,55”
800x560mm, 31,4”x22”
Materiali Varnished aluminium structure. Brass stem
Use Indoor
Light source 2 x Led boards
Watt 15W direct, 20W indirect
Volt 24V
Lumen 1638 direct, 2100 indirect
Cri 80
Kelvin 2700
Emergency No
Cable No
Dimmer No
Energetic class A++
Packaging sizes 125 x 110 x 29 cm
105 x 85 x 29 cm
Number of packages 1
Total packing weight 21,30kg / 16,50kg
Ip 20
Class I